The Google Calendar Events plugin can easily be displayed to any page or post by using a simple shortcode. To do this you will need to use the [gcal] shortcode. There are also a few options you can use to customize the output using attributes.

Shortcode Attributes

Below are the available attributes for this shortcode.

idThe ID of the Feed you created in the admin section. You can add multiple feed IDs separated by a comma. This is required.A valid feed ID
displayHow you want to display your calendar.grid, list, grouped-list
orderThe sort order for list based displays.asc, desc
titleThe title to display on the popup box for your events.Any text
pagingDetermines whether back/next buttons are shown for the calendar.true, false
intervalThe type of interval to use for the calendar. List view only.days, events
interval_countThe number of items to show for the selected interval. E.g. 7 with "days" will show 7 days worth, while 7 with "events" will show the next 7 events. List view only.Any number
offset_interval_countThe count to use for the start offset based on the interval. List view only.Any number
offset_directionThe direction for the offset. List view only.back, forward
show_tooltipsThis option will show the tooltips that show up when hovering over an event on grid view.true, false

Note: All shortcode attribute default values will come from the Feed Settings.

Note: Any shortcode attributes will overwrite any specific feed settings for that attribute.

Note: Sort order only applies to list based displays.

Shortcode Examples

Output a calendar with the ID of 123 using the Feed Settings:

[gcal id="123"]

Output a list view showing only 15 events:

[gcal id="123" interval="events" interval_count="15" display="list"]

Output a list with an offset of 5 days back:

[gcal id="123" display="list" interval="days" offset_interval_count="5" offset_direction="back"]

Output a calendar with multiple feeds:

[gcal id="123, 125, 127, 129"]