General Questions

My calendar grid is using Monday as the start day, how do I change it to Sunday?

This is controlled by the WordPress ‘Week starts on’ option, which you can find under Settings > General in your WordPress admin. Whatever day this option is set to will be the start day for calendar grids.

I have added / deleted / changed some events in Google Calendar, but the changes are not showing up in the plugin. Why is this?

The plugin caches the feed data it retrieves from Google in your WordPress database. The plugin will use the cached feed data until it expires, at which point it will request the feed data from Google again.

The plugin does this so that it doesn’t need to retrieve the data from Google’s servers every time someone views a page of your site that utilizes the plugin. This reduces page load times a little, uses less of your bandwidth and prevents the possibility of being blocked by Google for ‘spamming’ their servers with requests (you’d need to make a lot of requests for this to be an issue though, I suspect).

The length of time that the feed data is cached for is determined by the ‘Cache duration’ option in the feed settings. The default is 12 hours (43200 seconds). If you are testing the plugin out, and want any changes you make in Google Calendar to show up instantly in the plugin, set the cache duration to 0. It is not a good idea to leave this at 0 (or a very low number) permanently though, for the previously mentioned reasons.

The start and end times of my events are not displaying in the correct timezone, how do I make them display correctly?

First, check that the timezone of your Google Calendar is set correctly (in the calendar settings in Google Calendar), then check that the timezone settings are set correctly in your WordPress admin. You can find it by going to “Settings” > “General” > “Timezone”

I see the following error message. What’s wrong?

No valid Feed IDs have been entered for this widget. Please check that you have entered the IDs correctly in the widget settings (Appearance > Widgets), and that the Feeds have not been deleted.

This error message appears if you haven’t entered a valid feed ID (or IDs) into the ‘Feed IDs…’ field in the widget settings. The widget settings can be found by clicking the downward pointing arrow on your active Google Calendar Events widget(s), under Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress admin.

All the feeds (pages under the gce-feed/ folder) are getting indexed by search engines. How do I prevent this?

The easiest way to prevent unwanted page indexing of any kind is to use Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin. Once installed, there are two things the change:

1) Go to SEO > Titles & Meta > Post Types tab. Scroll down until you see “Google Calendar Events”. Check the Meta Robots option for noindex, follow, then Save Changes.

2) If you have XML sitemaps enabled, go to SEO > XML Sitemaps. Under “Exclude Post Types”, check “Google Calendar Feeds (gce_feed)”, then Save Changes.

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