Add a Feed

To add a new feed you will need go to GCal Events -> Add new. On this screen you will name your feed and add many other settings to customize it to your needs. You will also find the details for the display options. If you are looking for advanced display options then check out the Event Builder page.

Feed Settings

Calendar IDThe Calendar ID to your feed from Google Calendar.
Search QueryFind and show events in the calendar based on a search query.
Expand Recurring EventsThis will show recurring events each time they occur, otherwise it will only show the event the first time it occurs.Enabled
Multiple Day EventsShow events that span multiple days on each day that they span, rather than just the first day.No
Display ModeDetermines how to display the calendar.Grid
Events per PageHow many events you want to show per page. List view only.7 Days
Display Start Date OffsetYou can use this to offset the calendar forward or ahead. List view only.0 days back
Earliest Feed Event DateSet how far back to retrieve events regardless of initial display.1 Month Back
Latest Feed Event DateSet how far in the future to retrieve events regardless of initial display.2 Years forward
Show Paging LinksDecide if you want the back/next navigation shown for the calendar. Enabled
Show TooltipsChecking this option will show the tooltips that show up when hovering over an event on grid view.Enabled
Date FormatAllows for date output customization. Use PHP date formatting.Settings > General > Date Format
Time FormatAllows for customization of the time output. Use PHP date formatting.Settings > General > Time Format
Cache DurationThe length of time, in seconds, to cache the feed (43200 = 12 hours). If this feed changes regularly, you may want to reduce the cache duration.43200

Custom Date Range

Custom Date Range is an option from the Display Mode dropdown. This option allows you to set a range in which to pull events from. This option overrides your feed start and end date settings and only returns the events from the dates you have selected.

Simple Display Options

Use the simple display options instead of the Event BuilderNo
Select how to display the start date / time.Start Time
Text to display before the start time.Starts:
Select how to display the end date / time.End time and date
Text to display before the end time.Ends:
Show the location of events?No
Text to display before the location.Location:
Show the description of events? (URLs in the description will be made into links).No
Text to display before the description.Description:
Maximum number of words to show from description. Leave blank for no limit.
Show a link to the Google Calendar page for an event?Yes
Links open in a new window / tab?No
The link text to be displayed.More Details